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Welcome to BlasterTECH.  BlasterTECH is based in Brisbane Australia and is the No.1 place for modifying and customising your Foam Flinging Blaster.  We provide quality performance parts for your Blaster as well as in house advice to meet all your Blaster performance needs. 

Fellow Foamies! Letting everyone know that we will be away on holidays Thursday 22nd June 2017 and will return back to duties on Thursday 6th July 2017.  Please note that we will be keeping the webstore open for everyone, but please be aware that during this period your order will not be processed until we get back. There will be a back log of orders to process at this stage when we return, so please be patient and we will get the orders out asap!

Please do not hesitate to get in touch via email dean.blastertech@yahoo.com or via the contact page.

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