2S Xtreme Pro 180 Motor naked
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2S Xtreme Pro 180 Motor naked Summary

2S Xtreme Pro 180 Motor naked

Xtreme Pro 180 Motor (naked): The ultimate motor for flywheel blasters!  These motors have the most torque out of all the brushed motors we use.  Instant spool, awesome FPS, amazing sound!  Ventilated metal case, neo magnets, quick change silver/carbon brush system, and ball bearings at both ends.  Sold as an individual motor (1pc).  These motors the ultimate upgrade to your electric blaster!  Use with a 2S LiPo for maximum performance. 

TheseXtreme Pro 180 motors have been specifically made for our Nerf applications and come as shown in the photos for a special price to our customers. They aregenuineXtreme Pro 180 motors with the following removed and added:
  • Pinion gear removed.  No more hassle trying to remove this gear.  What a pain in the butt this was!!!
  • Axle shaft lengthened.  From a previous 8mm to now 11mm in length, thus increasing shaft to flywheel grip to transfer all that torque to the dart.
  • Capacitors removed. These are used for radio interference on radio controlled equipment and are not needed for our blasters - goodbye!
  • Pig-tail wires removed.  Yes you can use them, but we find they are more in the way than not.  Get some fresh silicone wire on there!
  • None of the fancy stickers, just a raw torque monster!
Note: These motors are rated for 8V (2S LiPo).  DO NOT USE A 3S LIPO!
Note: This is a 180 motor.  You will need to cut your blaster shell for these to fit.  Check out our motor covers.

Blaster compatibility: You will need 2x motors for a typical flywheel blaster (Stryfe, Demolisher, Rapid Red, Rayven, Modulus ECS-10, Cam ECS-12).  A Rapidstrike CS-18 requires 3x motors (2 for flywheels and 1 for pusher).

Important Safety
Blasters are modified at your own risk.  BlasterTECH will not accept any liability for damage or reduction of lifespan of your blaster.  BlasterTECH will not accept any liability for injury caused during or after modification.  The items on this site are safe as long as the operator uses it safely. The items on this site are to be used by those 18years or older.  Always wear protective eye wear whilst using blasters. Never point or aim at someone's eyes or face. Always use approved foam darts.  By purchasing these items you will use it in a safe and responsible manner and you agree that BlasterTECH will not be liable for any injury caused by misuse or accidental usage.

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