Hammershot 8 Dart Turret
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Hammershot 8 Dart Turret Summary

Hammershot 8 Dart Turret

8 Shot Turret for your Hammershot!    The Hammershot is a great sidearm blaster, its easy to use, small, light, one hand operation, it looks great.  What it lacks, we have improved and thats an extra 3 (yes 3 extra over the original 5 shots!!) shots for your Hammershot with this 3d printed 8 shot turret!!!  Simplified by design, this turret uses 2x pieces, the main Turret and the Spinner piece.  Some other designs use and extra 3rd piece up front which is not needed.  We have optimised the spinning mechanism to provide smooth and unhindered turret rotation.

The 8 Turret kit also comes with an optional 12mm Spring Spacer, which when placed in front of the stock spring gives a considerable boost in FPS, more so than most expensive aftermarket springs.  The 12mm Spring Spacer optimises the stock spring giving it full compression when primed as well as giving it pre-compression right from he beginning.

Installation:  It is relatively easy.  Unscrew and take off the top side of blaster, remove/slide out the stock turret.  Slide in the new 8 shot turret, making sure it sits in correctly.  If you have the 12mm spring spacer, remove the spring, slide up the 12mm space, slide spring back in and seat it in securely.  Place the side of blaster back on and screw back on. (See photos)

Operation:  Works the same as previously, though please take care with the manual rotation of the new turret.  Do not manually rotate the turret whilst primed.  When you want to rotate the turret to load darts, I always make sure it is de-primed, with your fingers slightly push the turret backwards, this pushes the plunger tube away from the turret and enables the turret to spin freely.

Air Restrictor:  This turret design does hold the Air Restrictor (AR) open at all times.  From our research and testing, doing it this way provides a more reliable and consistent shot each and every time.  It is advise to no dry fire with this setup.

Dart Compatibility:  The 8 shot turret is designed to work universally with all common dart sizes.  Elite, FVJ, FVN, Koosh, Accustrike, Waffles.  All darts fit well with the exception of Koosh, these have a slightly tight fit, but still fit in fine with a slight twist.  Some well used darts may have a loose fit.

Blaster Compatibility:  This 8 shot turret is compatible with Hammershot, Sweet Revenge, Sweet Destiny and 5x5 blasters.

Please note that the 8 shot turret walls are thin.  We know accidents happen, but having thin walls and being 3d printed, it is strongly advised not to drop the blaster as this could fracture/break the turret.

This product is designed / printed / stocked in house and can be dispatched ASAP.

NOTE: Listing is for a Hammershot 8 dart turret, spinner piece and 12mm spacer only, blasters and accessories are for display purposes only.

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