Longshot Metal Bolt Sled Worker
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Longshot Metal Bolt Sled Worker Summary

Longshot Metal Bolt Sled Worker

Worker Metal Bolt Sled!  Strength, quality and performance!  If you want to use a upgraded stronger spring, one of the very weak points in the Longshot is the bolt sled.  When priming, the L-shaped design on the bolt sled supports all the weight compressing the spring up to the point of catching.  With strong springs bolt sleds can and will fail.  This Worker Metal Bolt Sled is a solution to those needs.  Strong metal construction that can withstand the forces we demand out of our blasters.  Precision machined, quality finish and the strength that we need.

Note:  Listing is for 1x Metal Bolt Sled only.  Blasters and accessories are for display purposes only.

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Works just as good as the stock one if not better and practically zero chances of it braking under normal use, It is nerve racking priming a high powered blaster. and this offers a little piece of mind that the sled is not going to let go ruining the receiver and pusher, its worth it to protect your investment
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