Longshot Metal Power Stefan Kit 'Package Deal' Worker
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Longshot Metal Power Stefan Kit 'Package Deal' Worker Summary

Longshot Metal Power Stefan Kit 'Package Deal' Worker

'PACKAGE DEAL!!!'  Worker Metal Longshot Power Stefan 'Package Deal' Kit!  Quality, strength and performance!  Worker have put together this exceptional drop in kit for the Longshot.  Metal barrel, metal dart gate adaptor, metal pusher/bolt, metal plunger head, metal rear spring retainer.  This is a short dart/stefan kit.  Only short dart/stefans can be used.

Kit includes as pictured first and second photos:  Metal Barrel, metal dart Gate adapter, metal pusher/bolt, metal plunger head, metal end cap and associated fixings, O-rings etc.  Blaster and other accessories are not included.

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Note:  Listing is for 1x Metal Longshot Power Stefan 'Package Deal' Kit only.  Blasters and accessories are for display purposes only.

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WOW, just WOW. This kit is impressive. im still in shock how much power this kit has with a 18kg spring!! Overall its a good product, well made and packaged well. Some technical points to consider. On a stock Longshot a small section of the shell will need to be removed for the receiver, and the orange plastic tube is a bit to long and will need shortening or you could always enlarge the hole in the stock barrel's end/holder like I did so both the barrel and sleeve can poke out
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