Muzzle Suppressor
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Muzzle Suppressor Summary

Muzzle Suppressor

Tacticool at a whole new level!  We have three different designs of 3d printed Muzzle accessories depending on your taste.  A 'Flash Hider' muzzle design, a 'Muzzle Brake' design and a 'Suppressor' design.  The muzzles create a whole new look to your blaster weather you want to accessorize and dress up your blaster or simply want to safely protect any protruding brass or inner barrel material sticking out of your blaster.  These muzzle attachments use the Blaster 'screw on' attachment method, so it is a simple push on and turn/twist that you can use on all your blasters with this fitting.  The muzzles have a locking tab, so they are a firm and nicely retained in position.  The inner diameter of these muzzles is large 31mm (3 1/4inch) so therefore will not hinder dart velocity/performance.  Good looks, functionality, what more could you want!

This product is designed / printed / stocked in house and can be dispatched ASAP.

NOTE: Listing is for a Muzzle only, blasters and accessories are for display purposes only.

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Very well printed and a perfectly tight fit and looks great.
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