Regulator N-Strike Modulus
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Regulator N-Strike Modulus Summary

Regulator N-Strike Modulus

Build your perfect blaster with the Modulus range!  The Regulator is a electric motorised blaster with select fire!  On the fly, chose your firing mode.  Single Fire to fire 1 dart, Burst Fire to fire several and Full Auto to fire continuously!  Pop one 12 clip in and the other stored in the stock.  Power up the blaster by pressing the Rev Button, press the Firing trigger to let the darts fly!  You will know when you are out of darts by the indicator light to let you know when your empty.  Customise your Regulator with the many attachment to complete your ultimate blaster for whatever mission!  Compatible with other modulus system accessories.
Includes: Includes blaster, short barrel-scope, long barrel-scope, storage stock, handle, two 12-dart clips, 24 darts, and instructions.

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NOTE TO MODIFIERS(the one above i typed wrong)
i didn't get my regulator from dean but the performance is as expected from a GRAY TRIGGER Australian electric blaster .I opened my regulator up and TRIED TO MODIFIY.the select fire made it extremely hard to work with and i eventually gave up and the performance is trash.The performance is only trash because i tries to modify a blaster that can't really be modified.
i didn't bet my regulator from dean but it is very good and highly recommended.i do want to say that i cracked my one open and i regret doing so because the performance is trash.DO NOT MODIFIY THE BLASTER!!!!
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