Stryfe - Rhino 3S 130 Loom Kit
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Stryfe - Rhino 3S 130 Loom Kit Summary

Stryfe - Rhino 3S 130 Loom Kit

Rhino 3S 130 DROP IN LOOM KIT: Unleash ultimate foam firepower from your blaster.  Shoot harder and farther with higher rate of fire from our solder free, plug and play kit. With no soldering irons, no fumes and no previous electrical experience required, this kit is as easy as swapping a spring in a Retaliator.  18AWG low resistance wire, high powered microswitches and solder work from an engineering team with 10+ years experience makes this a high quality, premium kit that is ready to go in as little as an hour.

This pre-constructed loom will complement those who want a true drop in loom complete with new motors (no soldering needed). 

The kit will contain a pre-soldered loom of the following:
  • Rhino 130 motors
  • 18AWG wire
  • Heat Shrink Tubing on soldered joints
  • Upgraded acceleration rev switch
  • XT60 connector for battery connection
Battery tray expander sold separately.  Stryfe Battery Tray Expander
We very much recommend using aftermarket flywheels and flywheel cage with this setup sold separately.

With this kit installed, your blaster will be shooting 100-110FPS muzzle velocity, with LiPo (3S recommended) battery pack (stock Stryfe 60-70FPS muzzle velocity).  (Testing performed in a controlled scenario with brand new Elite darts and stock wheels)  Aftermarket wheels and cage will be higher velocity.

Click here for installation instructions: Stryfe Installation Guide Stage 2 & 3
Click here for circuit diagram: Stryfe Circuit Diagram
Recommended battery pack 3S LiPo: 3S LiPo Battery Pack (Use with Battery Tray Expander, sold separately)
LiPo low voltage alarm: Low Voltage Alarm
Recommended battery charger: Battery Charger You will need to purchase battery charger power supply, as well as female Deans to male XT60 adaptor Deans XT60 connector

Important Safety
Blasters are modified at your own risk.  BlasterTECH will not accept any liability for damage or reduction of lifespan of your blaster.  BlasterTECH will not accept any liability for injury caused during or after modification.  The items on this site are safe as long as the operator uses it safely. The items on this site are to be used by those 18years or older.  Always wear protective eye wear whilst using blasters. Never point or aim at someone's eyes or face. By purchasing these items you will use it in a safe and responsible manner and you agree that BlasterTECH will not be liable for any injury caused by misuse or accidental usage.

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Was struggling between buying the individual parts or buying this kit. I gotta say. This was a FANTASTIC CHOICE. Solder joints are strong, the wire gauge is perfect. and these motors ARE AMAZING. Next step. Worker flywheel. This is a fantastic kit, and allows for an incredibly seamless installation. the fun part. Installed the switch without having to glue anything down. Fabulous investment. Thanks blastertech. I will be back again.
Awesome Kit
Fantastic kit. well worth the money. works well and is easy to install. certainly recommend
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