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Worker Barrel Tube 500mm Black Smooth
Long length Worker 500mm (19 1/2 inch) Barrel Tube with smooth internal bore (17mm ID, 19mm OD). Simply cut to the lengths you require and use the spare length for another project. Performance smooth internal...
Worker Suppressor 95mm with Flash Hider
This metal 'Worker Suppressor and Flash Hider kit' gives your blaster the look that your after! Tactical and stealth where it counts! Nice wide internal diameter so your darts pass through cleanly. Simply...
Worker Rapidstrike Extended Pusher
WORKER EXTENDED PUSHER HAMMER FOR RAPIDSTRIKE: This is a replacement pusher hammer for the Rapidstrike blaster. It is slightly longer in length and assists with positive insertion of dart in to flywheels....
Worker Stryfe/Demolisher Extended Pusher
WORKER EXTENDED PUSHER HAMMER FOR STRYFE/DEMOLISHER: This is a replacement pusher hammer for the Stryfe and Demolisher blasters. It is slightly longer in length and assists with positive insertion of dart...
Worker Fixed Butt Stock
WORKER FIXED BUTT STOCK: Simplicity meets functionality. It just works! Great looks and feels great on the shoulder! High quality, high strength, light weight polymer construction. Fits Nerf blasters with...
Worker Force Foam Katana Sword
WORKER FORCE FOAM KATANA SWORD (ORANGE): Awesome fun with these toy PU foam swords! Bright orange colour sword with a neatly woven black handle/grip. Stiff core with full PU foam outer shell and soft tip....
16mm Scar Tube Muzzle Worker
Worker Scar Tube Muzzle! 16mm scar, designed to use with Worker Prophecy and Longshot breech kits. Improve your accuracy from the Worker fixed rifled designed Scar. Good looks and performance this is what...
Longshot Metal Bolt Sled Worker
Worker Metal Bolt Sled! Strength, quality and performance! If you want to use a upgraded stronger spring, one of the very weak points in the Longshot is the bolt sled. When priming, the L-shaped design...
Longshot Metal Catch Plate Worker
Worker Metal Catch Plate! Strength, quality and performance! Although the stock plastic catch plate is very good even with upgraded springs, it can flex under high loads and can ultimately fail. This metal...
Longshot Metal Power Stefan Kit Worker
Worker Metal Longshot Power Stefan Kit! Quality, strength and performance! Worker have put together this exceptional drop in kit for the Longshot. Metal barrel, metal barrel adaptor, metal pusher/bolt,...
Longshot F10555 Pump Grip Kit
Blast away!!! with the F10555 Pump Grip Kit. Pump grips are a necessity with bolt action type blasters. Improved ergonomics and more fluid action provides added comfort, increased rate of fire and blaster...
Worker Magazine Release Button for Stryfe
WORKER MAGAZINE RELEASE BUTTON FOR STRYFE: The Worker extended magazine release button is a simple and easy upgrade for your Stryfe. It offers easy reach and access to the button to comfortably and reliably...