Worker White Straight Grooved Lightweight Flywheels
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Worker White Straight Grooved Lightweight Flywheels Summary

Worker White Straight Grooved Lightweight Flywheels

Worker White Straight Grooved Lightweight Flywheels upgrade:
CNC machining curvature and ridges enhance power transfer to darts.  lightweight plastic material promotes flywheels spinning acceleration.

These flywheels have a concave surface to allow more contact to the dart.  They also have a straight grooved toothed surface to grip the dart more.  They show to work well with upgraded blasters maximising Flywheel grip on the dart allowing more power transfer and therefore higher velocities.

W0048 Plastic
Inner Diameter: 34mm
Outer Diameter: 35.1mm
Weight: 3.83g

Sold as a set/pair (2x flywheels).

Please note.  These Rapidstrike/Stryfe flywheels are compatible Worker Flywheel Cages and all OFP (Open Flywheel Project) cages for all blasters.

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Upgraded a Modulus ECS-10 with these flywheels (also using meishel 2.0 motors, OFP cage, rewire and volt mod @ 7.2v NiMH) and the performance blew me away! They're a quantum leap over the standard flywheels! Do not underestimate the performance gains you can achieve with these!
brill bro 11/10
These things are a quantum shift from the standard wheels. Running RM2 motors with standards and 3 li-ion (don't care have a stash of 20 of them) the noise is just ridonculouos with these little gems it is so quiet, no one expected the speed these put out with the noise they made 11 out of 10 - can we get them with angled grooves to impart a spin ??
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