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Hyperfire, N-Strike Elite
Hyperfire, N-Strike Elite Rain down a hail of darts on your opponents with the Hyperfire. Firing at 5 darts per second, this full automatic blaster has the fastest stock rate of fire on the market. With...
Recon MkII, Modulus, N-Strike
Nerf Recon MkII, Modulus, N-Strike Build your own blaster with the Recon MKII blaster! Customize the blaster with the included stock and barrel attachments to create 4 versions of the blaster, from covert...
Stealth Ops Upgrade Kit, Mod..
Stealths Ops Upgrade Kit, Modulus, N-Strike Upgrade your Modulus blaster and take on those covert operations. This kit includes Red Dot Sight for precision targeting, retractable vertical foregrip for...