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Alphahawk Accustrike, N-Strike
Strike with confidence and blast darts designed for accuracy! The Nerf N-Strike Alphahawk is part of the AccuStrike Series, which features darts designed for greater accuracy. Target with knowing the precision...
Doublebreach Mega, N-Strike
Shotgun pump action double attack with this breech-load blaster that fires 2 darts in a row! Open the breach door on the Nerf N-Strike Mega Doublebreach blaster to load the darts, then unleash one Mega...
Mediator N-Strike Modulus
Take on your friends in the heat of the battle with pump action quick slam fire! Load up with 6 dart clip feed capacity and insert to the side of blaster. Side and top tactical rails for additional accessories....
Recon MkII, Modulus, N-Strike
Nerf Recon MkII, Modulus, N-Strike Build your own blaster with the Recon MKII blaster! Customize the blaster with the included stock and barrel attachments to create 4 versions of the blaster, from covert...
Regulator N-Strike Modulus
Build your perfect blaster with the Modulus range! The Regulator is a electric motorised blaster with select fire! On the fly, chose your firing mode. Single Fire to fire 1 dart, Burst Fire to fire several...
Reflective Targeting Kit, Modulus Ghost Ops, N-Strike
The Modulus Ghost Ops Reflective Targeting Kit includes an LED sight that illuminates reflective targets. Battlers can practice their targeting skills to prepare for their next mission or battle. The adjustable...