3S Neo-Hellcat 180 Motor
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3S Neo-Hellcat 180 Motor Summary

3S Neo-Hellcat 180 Motor

3S Neo-Hellcat 180 Motor:
The 3S Neo-Hellcat 180 motor from the lads at MTB.  Unleash the ultimate foam firepower from your blaster!  Shoot harder and further with higher rate of fire from these upgraded motors.  Sold as an individual motor (1pc).  These motors are a awesome upgrade to your electric blaster!  Carbon brushed, big block 180 motor!!!  Use with a 3S LiPo for best performance.

The Neo-Hellcat is a top of the range brushed motor.  Extreme performance 180 motor.  Massive torque, instant spin up time, minimal sag even for the highest ROF blaster.  Super strong neodymium magnets, ball bearings all the bells and whistles, this motor has it.  They sound friggin awesome too.  =)  

Note:  This is a 180 motor.  You will need to cut your blaster shell for these to fit.  Check out our motor covers.

All motors are tested in house to ensure they are all in perfect working condition before they leave our shop and sent out to our customers.  We will not take any responsibility for misuse by the buyer that damages the motors.

Blaster compatibility: You will need 2x motors for a typical flywheel blaster (Stryfe, Demolisher, Rapid Red, Rayven, Modulus ECS-10, Cam ECS-12).  A Rapidstrike CS-18 requires 3x motors (2 for flywheels and 1 for pusher).

Important Safety
Blasters are modified at your own risk.  BlasterTECH will not accept any liability for damage or reduction of lifespan of your blaster.  BlasterTECH will not accept any liability for injury caused during or after modification.  The items on this site are safe as long as the operator uses it safely. The items on this site are to be used by those 18years or older.  Always wear protective eye wear whilst using blasters. Never point or aim at someone's eyes or face. Always use foam darts.  By purchasing these items you will use it in a safe and responsible manner and you agree that BlasterTECH will not be liable for any injury caused by misuse or accidental usage.

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High Performance, but...
These motors give extremely high performance on my stryfe, but are so loud! I'm currently trying to fit some aucustic foam into my blasters to lessen the noise. If you want to have good performance over stealth, these are for you, but if you prefer to use gorilla tactics, I'd suggest you try the Titan X motors. Overall, great motors, but wish they were a little quieter.
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