Scar MkII Ported Adjustable Barrel
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Scar MkII Ported Adjustable Barrel Summary

Scar MkII Ported Adjustable Barrel

6 String, Ported, Adjustable Scar

Achieving decent accuracy with foam darts can be frustrating.  Increasing velocity of a blaster is one thing, but that can often have adverse 'negative' affects on dart accuracy.   What's the point of increasing dart velocity when a dart can stray off target at a 20m range 2-3m and more?

A solution to accuracy issues on higher velocity blasters are a well designed Scar barrel.  Scar barrels are short length barrels that are attached to the end of barreled blasters.  The Scar barrel contains strings which are strung to create a 'rifling' (swirled) bore inside the barrel.  When a dart is fired and passed through the scar barrel, this imparts a spin on the dart witch in turn increases accuracy to the target.

6 Strings: which has a 'hug' affect on the dart as it passes through, moreso than a 4 string design.  This give a more balanced centered affect on the dart providing a more consistent accurate shot.  6 strings provide more of a grip on the dart giving its spinning affect as it passes through the Scar.

Ported/Vented:  To eliminate 'muzzle blast' which can de-stabilise the dart when it exits the barrel.  The porting vents any excess air prior to the dart leaving the muzzle, this in turn eliminates the muzzle blast effect.

Full Adjustability:  Give you the power so you can adjust the rifling to suit your blasters power output and the darts you use.  Also, when you are done for the day, simply adjust the strings back to the neutral/straight position.  This takes the tension off the strings, so they don't stretch over time.

Our Scar barrel has a focus on simplicity of stringing it up (Please see instruction video below).  It is adjustable, which means you can customise the rifling or 'pitch' on the strings via the front tip.  This enables you to fine tune the spin on the dart depending on requirements ie blaster power / dart velocity.

This Scarr barrel fits on K&S brand 17/32 and 9/16 brass tube, also 16mm outer diameter barrels.  Whilst 17/32 and 9/16 variants are designed specifically to fit snugly.  The 16mm variant is a general/universal fitment designed to fit other barrel material in the market,  meaning you may need to sand or use some tape for a snug fit on to your barrel.  Please check that your barrel has a Outer Diameter of 16mm or similar.

To be used with Elite, FVJ, FNJ or similar diameter full lengths darts and half length darts.  Elite darts are not recommended as they are too light in weight.  Does not work with square headed darts where the dart head is the same diameter as the foam darts ie Accufakes.

Only to be used with Spring or Air blasters of 150fps and more, this gives you decent velocity to work with the scar.  Scars do work with flywheelers, though its more efficient to use a canted cage with barrel tube guide we have found.

We recommend 1/8 to 1/4 turn on tip for appropriate pitched rifling.  Please experiment to see what works for your blaster requirements.

Kit includes:  Main Scar barrel, Scar adjusting tip, string.

Scar comes unstrung.  Please look at the below video for the correct procedure stringing up your Scarr MkII.

For reference, this Scar uses 0.26mm string/line. This scar was designed to use this size string.  DO NOT USE OTHER SIZE STRING as it will not perform as intended.

Our 'Suppressor Muzzle' fits over the top of this scar barrel using the Nerf muzzle attachment point.  This not only dresses up the front end but provides some extra protection to the Scarr Barrel.  Muzzle Suppressor

This product is designed / printed / stocked in house and can be dispatched ASAP.

NOTE: Listing is for a Scarr Barrel and associated parts only, blasters and accessories are for display purposes only.

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Scar mkII
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