Stryfe Battery Tray Expander
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Stryfe Battery Tray Expander Summary

Stryfe Battery Tray Expander

Function and form.  This Stryfe Battery Tray Expander has been designed to maximise internal space for battery packs as well as provide pleasing external aesthetics.  Lightweight and strong the tray expander provides a extra true 20mm depth to house your battery pack safely and securely.  Simply slot the rear of the expander tray in to the stock slots, screw in to the front screw port and you are on your way......

Recomended battery packs:

2s: Turnigy-nano-tech-1000mah-2s-25-50c-lipo-pack

3s: Turnigy-nano-tech-1000mah-3s-70c-lipo-pack

This product is designed / printed / stocked in house and can be dispatched ASAP.

NOTE: Listing is for a Stryfe Battery Tray Expander only, blasters and accessories are for display purposes only. 

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Answer to the AA question
If you havent gutted out the battery tray stuff yet, 4 AAs will still fit. But that makes an extended battery tray cover kind of pointless.
Does this hold 4 AA batteries?
I just want to know if this takes 4 AA batteries or if it only works for liops?
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